Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cinema fun

I spent this afternoon strolling about San Francisco's Chinatown, where ghettoisation is a tourist attraction, and this evening I'm off to see Quantum of Solace:

If you can't read my handwriting, it goes: Car explodes; gadget introduced; Bond operates complex machinery with no training; evil laugh; "Bond, James Bond"; martini; product placement; superhuman jump; parachute; Bond almost dies; baddie with scar; baddie kills other baddie; Judi Dench gives Bond a Disapproving Look; sex; Bond girl dies; skiing; gambling; Bond is double-crossed; dubious accent; exotic location; death other than by shooting; quip; tuxedo; fist-fight.

I'm not the first to have this idea, but it'll make it a bit more interesting. You can use it on the old films too.