Monday, October 25, 2010

Hamlet and Aunts and Butlers

It seems the site that used to host my games Hamlet and Aunts and Butlers has fallen over again, so they are now at I'm in the process of moving all my various bits and pieces to that site.


Elizabeth said...

Phew! I was sad when I found my bookmark for the old link didn't work anymore, since both your games are ones I periodically recommend to people I'm trying to interest in IF.

A suggestion - go back in this blog and update the link in old entries, too. A Google search first turned up a blog entry from 2006 with the old link. (I realize now I could've looked them up in the IFDB instead of just Googling, but I didn't think of that then.)

Thanks for your excellent games! I don't replay games all that often after I've solved them, but I've come back to yours several times the same way I come back to reread favorite books.

(Also, the word verification is "arrias", which is close enough to "arras" to amuse me on a Hamlet-related comment!)

Anonymous said...

Cool game. I played it as an extra credit for my Shakespeare class. I stink at deciphering Shakespeare, however the game motivated me to read the plays more. What motivated you to write the game? Was it just your passion for Java or Shakespeare?

Anonymous said...

When you say you're in the process of moving bits and pieces to the current site, does that mean you still haven't finished, almost a year later? I'm stuck at 16% and would like to view the hints page. D: